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Best surface skimmers for removing oil film on aquarium surface

Dozens of different factors can cause problems for your fish tank, one of which is oil film. In this guide, we’ll discuss what aquarium oil film is and how to get rid of it. We’re […]

Do aquarium fish sleep? Fish sleep habits (How, where, and when)

Do fish sleep? Every fishkeeper has asked this question at one point. It may sound like a small-scale (no pun intended) question, but solving this mystery requires that we dive deep into how fish biology […]

Best algae magnet cleaners & hand scrapers for glass & acrylic aquariums

Keeping aquariums means dealing with some challenges now and then. One of these challenges is stubborn algae that grow on the glass. Thanks to algae magnet cleaners, aquarists have a convenient solution for removing algae […]

Best gravel vacuum cleaners (electric & siphon) for cleaning aquariums

Fish eat and fish poop! Fish also drop food to the bottom of the tank! These are facts that every aquarium owner knows. All this waste lodges deep into the substrate or gravelly bottom of […]

How much nitrate can fish tolerate, why it bad, how to get rid

Nitrate (NO3) is a difficult subject for most fish keepers and remains a grey area. Many struggle to keep nitrate levels low in their aquarium. In this article, we will investigate the impact of nitrate […]

3 types of pest aquarium snails and a guide to removing them

Opinions are divided on snails of all types and their place in the aquarium. Some hobbyists believe snails to be a true menace, tearing away at plants and breeding like rabbits, spreading their ugly presence […]

5 big benefits and 3 simple steps to aquarium water changes


Aquarium water changes, removing part of the water and replacing it with new water, should be done on a regular basis. Water changes not only clean the aquarium but also bring many benefits which are […]

How to buy healthy fish and acclimate new fish to an aquarium?


When you buy freshwater fish there are specific steps you must take to ensure you are buying healthy, and vibrant specimens. It doesn’t matter the age of the aquarium, the state of the specimens when […]

Water parameters (temperature, pH, dGH, dKH) of different aquarium kinds


There are quite a number of aquarium water characteristics that can be tested, but not all are worth it in every case. The most important variables in the water are temperature, pH, Hardness, and the […]

3 ways to aquarium nitrogen cycle – fishless/with fish/quickest

The most important step in setting up an aquarium is knowing about the aquarium cycle to make sure that the nitrogen cycle is in full swing before you add your fish. You need to cycle […]