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Best saltwater aquarium LED lights for fish-only, FOWLR, lagoon, corals

One of the most important equipment you need to make your saltwater aquarium fully functional is the lighting. Different types of saltwater tanks require different types of aquarium lights to thrive. In this article, we […]

Best media reactors (rated by sizes) for nano to large saltwater aquariums

Using a media reactor will enhance the water quality of your saltwater tank. They might not be essential but are a good addition to your aquarium equipment. A clean healthy tank means happy fish! In […]

Wave maker: why it important, the bestsellers, and installation

Waves are an integral part of any wild aquatic ecosystem. It creates water movement that circulates the much-needed oxygen and nutrients. Wind, tidal fluctuation and differences in bottom topography are the main reason why waves […]

Top 25+ clean up crew (snails, crabs, shrimp…) for saltwater tanks

The ‘clean up crew’ refers to a group of snails, crabs, shrimp, and starfish that are utilized in saltwater tanks to control aggressive algae growth, excess detritus, and anaerobic sand bed compaction (they sift your […]

Best salt mixes for saltwater fish/reef aquariums & salinity control guide

Keeping a saltwater aquarium can indeed be more challenging than a freshwater one. Aside from making sure proper pH is maintained, you also have to make sure the right amount of substances like calcium is […]

Quick care stats of Green Mandarin Goby – tank setup, tankmate, feeding

Scientific name: Synchiropus splendidus Common name: Mandarin Goby, mandarin dragonet, psychedelic goby, and green mandarin Max length: 4 inches Minimum tank size: 30 gallons Stocking: 1 fish or a couple for a 30-gallon tank Temperament: […]

Best coral-friendly and easy-to-care fish for beginners’ reef tanks

When you decided to start up a saltwater tank hopefully you did some basic thinking as to what type of tank you want – just corals? just fish? live rock with fish? or a true […]

Quick care stats of Dwarf Seahorse – tank setup, tankmate, feeding

Family: Syngnathidae Scientific name: Hippocampus zosterae Common name: Dwarf Seahorse Origin: Western Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico Max length: 2 inches max (usually smaller) Minimum tank size: 5 gallons Stocking: 4 […]

How to cure live rock to use in saltwater fish or reef tanks


You are most probably reading this article because you have spotted a big tank full of something by the name of “live rock” in your local aquarium store and wondered what it is. Far from […]

How do protein skimmers work and how to choose one?

Protein skimmers utilize different designs and methods to remove the dissolved organic wastes, all with claims of efficiency and ability. So, it is hard to determine which design is the right one for your system […]