Hi – my name is Steve Pond (yes, that is my real name). I have the privilege of being the Webmaster of the Portland Aquarium site.

I started keeping fish in an aquarium when I was 10 years old and it continued right through my college & graduate days and right on to the present – almost 20 years as a hobby aquarist.

Together with my partners Ray Ashcraft & Ian Purdie we form the BlueRam Group. Ian & Ray bring technical & marketing skills to our group which complements my own personal experience in keeping tropical fish.

Early in my working life, I began a long career of working professionally in this field, working in and managing pet stores. This long association developed my extensive knowledge of fish species, water chemistry, aquarium setup, and equipment.

I always intended to establish a tropical fish website where I could share my expertise with aquarists of all levels. So, I decided to start the Portland Aquarium.

This site has one clear purpose – to provide clear, up-to-date information about keeping tropical fish so that you, the reader, can have the enjoyment of a thriving aquarium. A wealth of knowledge and practical experience focused on providing you with the best possible information to purchase, set up, and maintain an aquarium you can enjoy for many years.