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How to buy healthy fish and acclimate new fish to an aquarium?


When you buy freshwater fish there are specific steps you must take to ensure you are buying healthy, and vibrant specimens. It doesn’t matter the age of the aquarium, the state of the specimens when […]

List of LPS corals (with PAR) for reef aquariums and quick care stats

LPS corals

LPS corals have large calcareous skeletons with large fleshy polyps. They range in a broad range of care levels from very easy to some of the most difficult. The water conditions for LPS corals are […]

Acropora, Montipora, and other SPS corals for reef aquariums


SPS corals are the most diverse and difficult to keep in a reef aquarium. They should only be kept in well-established aquariums by experienced hobbyists. This article comprises many types of SPS corals with quick […]

The guide to coral types (soft/LPS/SPS) for the reef aquarium


Corals are broken down into two main groups: soft corals and hard corals (including LPS and SPS). Each of these groups of corals requires typically different lighting, current, and feeding requirements in order to live […]

Water requirements (temperature, pH, dGH, dKH) for different aquarium kinds


There are quite a number of aquarium water characteristics that can be tested, but not all are worth it in every case. The most important variables in the water are temperature, pH, Hardness, and the […]

Best small heaters under 25W for nano tanks 2.5-5 gallon, Betta fish


Aquarium heaters are a typical oversight among most aquarists. But, they are a major component of a thriving tank, just like the filter, lighting, and other accessories. A good aquarium heater should maintain a steady […]

Best 48-inch LED lights for 55+ gallon tanks, fish/plant/coral


As your aquarium tank size increases, lighting demand also increases. You need powerful lights that will penetrate to the bottom of the tank and have enough power to foster the growth of your plants or […]

20 gallon fish tank: stocking & setup ideas, kits & equipment, guides


A twenty-gallon aquarium is a perfect sized tank for those wishing to start keeping tropical fish, it is large enough for a small community (depending on the species you wish to keep) and is also […]

Best 72-inch LED lights for large tanks 100-210 gallon (reef/planted)


If you own a 100/125/150/180 gallon tank (which is 72-inch long) and are finding an LED light fixture for the tank, you are in the right place. In this review, we will look at some […]

10+ top birthday gifts to choose for aquarium enthusiasts


Are you looking for a birthday gift for someone who is keeping his/her own aquariums or is an aquarium enthusiast but doesn’t know where to begin? Well, we have you covered! Buying a gift for […]