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Best canister filters [comparison table] for efficiency & less maintenance


Most aquarists rely on canister filters when dealing with larger aquariums, both freshwater, and saltwater. These types of filters are much more reliable because they offer a larger area of filtration and can perform mechanical, […]

30+ Tetras with images and quick care stats for nano-large aquariums

If you’ve ever seen a freshwater aquarium setup, you have seen some tetras. Tetras are prevalent freshwater aquarium fish that belong to the Characidae family. Most tetras get along great with other fish and are […]

13 colorful Killifish species with images and quick care stats


Killifish might sound like a terrifying fish species, but they are some of the most unique and exciting kinds of fish for beginners or intermediate aquarium enthusiasts to keep in their tropical tanks. While some […]

Top 15 small-large freshwater sharks for home aquariums

Believe it or not, you too can have a shark in your freshwater tank. When we think about sharks, generally, a fierce, scary, and instantly recognizable sea ruler might come to mind, even the legendary […]

Best Wifi & Bluetooth LED aquarium lights with mobile app control

New technology has made it easier to maintain a thriving freshwater or saltwater aquarium. Wireless lighting solutions, in particular, have changed the way people set up and maintain fish tanks or planted tanks. Not only […]

Best surface skimmers for removing oil film on aquarium surface

Dozens of different factors can cause problems for your fish tank, one of which is oil film. In this guide, we’ll discuss what aquarium oil film is and how to get rid of it. We’re […]

Best algae magnet cleaners & hand scrapers for glass & acrylic aquariums

Keeping aquariums means dealing with some challenges now and then. One of these challenges is stubborn algae that grow on the glass. Thanks to algae magnet cleaners, aquarists have a convenient solution for removing algae […]

Best aquarium plant fertilizers – Nutrients, deficiency symptoms, treatments

The process of growing plants inside an aquarium is pretty much the same as growing terrestrial plants. All plants have basic needs that must be met for them to thrive. These include oxygen, carbon dioxide, […]

Best media reactors (rated by sizes) for nano to large saltwater aquariums

Using a media reactor will enhance the water quality of your saltwater tank. They might not be essential but are a good addition to your aquarium equipment. A clean healthy tank means happy fish! In […]

Best air pumps for 50-60 gallon fish tanks (electric and battery)

Experienced aquarists know that 50 or 60 gallons is the perfect size for a home aquarium since it’s big enough to create ample living space for various fish species and yet not too big that […]