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Best canister filters [comparison table] for efficiency & less maintenance


Most aquarists rely on canister filters when dealing with larger aquariums, both freshwater, and saltwater. These types of filters are much more reliable because they offer a larger area of filtration and can perform mechanical, […]

Best Wifi & Bluetooth LED aquarium lights with mobile app control

New technology has made it easier to maintain a thriving freshwater or saltwater aquarium. Wireless lighting solutions, in particular, have changed the way people set up and maintain fish tanks or planted tanks. Not only […]

Best battery-powered aquarium air pumps for power shortages

As a dedicated aquarist, you have to consider a lot of factors to maintain the health of your fish and plants. One of these factors is a continuous air supply, which requires the market’s best […]

Best multi-outlet air pumps for multi aquariums and commercial uses

If you have many aquariums to care for and are searching for a multi-outlet air pump, you are in the right place. There are so many multi-outlet air pumps on the market and finding the […]

Best and quietest aquarium air pumps (comparison table) for 1-100+ Gal

If you have an aquarium, finding the best aquarium air pump is essential to keep it aerated and healthy for your fish. That being said, many air pumps in the market are noisy and can […]

Aquarium hood: why it important, the bestsellers, and installation

Evaporation, fish jumping out of the water, and no fixtures for lighting: do you have these problems? How about your cat, are they on a fish hunting trip while you’re out? Relax! You can address […]

Undergravel filter: how it works, the bestsellers, and installation

An undergravel filter is one of the most efficient fish tank accessories that act as a biological filter. While you can easily purchase this accessory online, you should first understand the concept and science behind […]

Best submersible LED lights for fish-only and low-tech tanks

All great aquariums need great lighting and one of the simplest and boldest options is a submersible aquarium LED light. These underwater lights will save you on your electricity bill and allow you to display […]

Best Hang-On-Back filters for fish tanks from nano to large

Also known as power filters, hang on back (HOB) filters are a basic recirculating water filter design that was created specifically for aquarium hobbyists in mind. They are great for beginner aquarists, especially if you […]

Best freshwater aquarium LED lights with automatic timer control

One of the most important equipment you need to make your freshwater aquarium fully functional is the lighting. Aquatic plants need light for photosynthesis while fish need light to see each other as well as […]