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Best submersible LED lights for fish-only and low-tech tanks


All great aquariums need great lighting and one of the simplest and boldest options is a submersible aquarium LED light. These underwater lights will save you on your electricity bill and allow you to display […]

Best 300-watt aquarium heaters for 60-75 gallon fish tanks


If you’re keeping a 60-75 gallon tank and are finding a perfect heater for the tank, what you need is a 300-watt heater. In this review, we look at some of the best 300-watt heaters […]

Best 200-watt aquarium heaters for 50-55 gallon fish tanks


There’s no doubt that a good heater is an essential part of a successful aquarium. What most aquarists have a problem with is choosing the right heater for their tank. The best way to do […]

Roles, types, and choosing the best substrates for planted tanks


Having a planted aquarium is an excellent way to be closer to nature. Unlike normal fish tanks, to support the healthy growth of the plants in a planted tank, you have to provide suitable substrates […]

Best 50-watt aquarium heaters that are rated for 10-gallon fish tanks


Some hobbyists love to start with small tanks under 10 gallons. And if yours is a 10-gallon tank, you will need a 50-watt heater to keep the temperature right for the fish. In this review, […]

Best Hang-On-Back filters for fish tanks from nano to large


Also known as power filters, hang on back (HOB) filters are a basic recirculating water filter design that was created specifically for aquarium hobbyists in mind. They are great for beginner aquarists, especially if you […]

Choosing right aquarium LED lights for different tank kinds (fresh/salt-water)


One of the most important equipment you need to make your aquarium fully functional is the lighting. Different tank types will require different types of aquarium lights to thrive. In this article, we will look […]

Best 36-inch LED lights for 30-50 gallon tanks (fish, plant, reef)


With a 30-50 gallon tank, you can start your aquarist journey in so many ways as you want. You can have a setup with a fish-only, a saltwater reef, or a freshwater planted tank. To […]

Best aquarium filters from different types and guide for choice


When you begin setting up your aquarium you know that you need to filter the water but there are many, many types of aquarium filter systems to choose from. In the tank? Outside of the […]

Best 75-100 watt heaters that are rated for 20 gallon fish tanks


In order to maintain a healthy water temperature range in a 20-gallon fish tank, a 75-100 watt aquarium heater is the right choice. Features like adjustable temperature, safety-shutoff, and easy-to-setup are what you should look […]