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Best aquarium air stones & bubbler decorations w/without LED lights

We’ve previously done a review of the top unique action decorations designed to add more life to your aquarium. This time, let’s check out some of the best air stones and bubbler decorations that don’t […]

Best canister filters [comparison table] for efficiency & less maintenance


Most aquarists rely on canister filters when dealing with larger aquariums, both freshwater, and saltwater. These types of filters are much more reliable because they offer a larger area of filtration and can perform mechanical, […]

Best Wifi & Bluetooth LED aquarium lights with mobile app control

New technology has made it easier to maintain a thriving freshwater or saltwater aquarium. Wireless lighting solutions, in particular, have changed the way people set up and maintain fish tanks or planted tanks. Not only […]

Best Betta aquarium LED lights for healthy and happy Betta fish

Just like any other aquarium fish, Bettas need light to stay healthy. Besides, Bettas are in demand because of their beautiful finnage and coloration. How could one appreciate their beauty without proper aquarium lighting? This […]

Cool and unique action decorations that can move for a lively aquarium

No one ever said you should go for a natural look with your aquarium. The truth is, before planted tanks became popular, aquarium owners decorated their fish tanks with sunken pirate ships, aquanauts, and even […]

The amazing benefits of home aquariums – health and more

Having an aquarium at home is not only about a hobby. There are a lot of pluses that an aquarium can bring to the owners. These include so many health benefits for you. Benefits of […]

Best air pumps for 50-60 gallon fish tanks (electric and battery)

Experienced aquarists know that 50 or 60 gallons is the perfect size for a home aquarium since it’s big enough to create ample living space for various fish species and yet not too big that […]

Best large air pumps for large and deep aquariums (55-75+ gallons)

For the robust health of plants and fish in an aquarium, an assured air supply is a must. Aquarists know the importance of investing in a good air pump for this purpose. Air pumps provide […]

Best air pumps for 20-30 gallon fish tanks (electric and battery)

Aquarium air pumps are essential for maintaining a sufficient oxygen content in the tank by pumping air through it. We conducted extensive research on your behalf and prepared a list of a few of the […]

Best battery-powered aquarium air pumps for power shortages

As a dedicated aquarist, you have to consider a lot of factors to maintain the health of your fish and plants. One of these factors is a continuous air supply, which requires the market’s best […]