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Best 30-inch stands for 20-gallon long / 29-gallon fish tanks


You will have found in your search for an aquarium tank that there are an array of available sizes, one being a 29-gallon and its variant the 20-gallon long. These are great for an aquarist […]

Best 24-inch stands for 20 gallon fish tanks (high profile)


It is always an aspiration of many aquarists to scale up from a 10-gallon to a 20-gallon aquarium; more space means more fish and a chance to create a new environment. A 20-gallon tank needs […]

Best 20-inch stands for 10-gallon fish tanks (standard profile)


Now that you have purchased your 10-gallon tank where does it go? A sideboard or cabinet may work, but with such a multitude of built-for-purpose options, that will support the tank’s weight and dimensions, a […]

Aquarium hood: why it important, the bestsellers, and installation


Evaporation, fish jumping out of the water, and no fixtures for lighting: do you have these problems? How about your cat, are they on a fish hunting trip while you’re out? Relax! You can address […]

Undergravel filter: how it works, the bestsellers, and installation


An undergravel filter is one of the most efficient fish tank accessories that act as a biological filter. While you can easily purchase this accessory online, you should first understand the concept and science behind […]

Best filters for aquariums up to 100 gallons (various types for choice)


Good filtration is one of the most important keys to success in the world of fishkeeping. Even larger aquariums like 100-gallon setups require good filtration to maintain the excellent water quality that your livestock deserve. […]

Best filters for aquariums of 60-75 gallons (many types for choice)


Ask any successful fishkeeper what the most important piece of equipment they need to maintain the water quality in their aquariums is and they’ll almost certainly say it is the filter. Water parameters in 60-75 […]

Best filters for aquariums of 50-55 gallons (various types for choice)


Are you looking for a filter for your 50-55 gallon aquarium? You probably know how crucial good filtration is for the health of your fish and to maintain good water quality. Choosing the right filter […]

Best filters for aquariums up to 20 gallons, many types for choice


All 20-gallon aquariums need a good quality filter to keep water quality high, and your fish and other livestock healthy. In aquariums without filters, ammonia and nitrites can quickly build up to dangerous levels, while […]

Best filters for 29-30 gallon aquariums (various types for choice)


Are you looking for an aquarium filter for your 30-gallon fish tank? Aquarium filters are an extremely important component of any healthy aquarium that you need for maintaining good water quality and happy fish. Here […]