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Best 36-inch LED lights for 30-50 gallon tanks (fish, plant, reef)


With a 30-50 gallon tank, you can start your aquarist journey in so many ways as you want. You can have a setup with a fish-only, a saltwater reef, or a freshwater planted tank. To […]

Best aquarium filters from different types and guide for choice


When you begin setting up your aquarium you know that you need to filter the water but there are many, many types of aquarium filter systems to choose from. In the tank? Outside of the […]

Best 75-100 watt heaters for 20 gallon fish tanks


In order to maintain a healthy water temperature range in a 20-gallon fish tank, a 75-100 watt aquarium heater is the right choice. Features like adjustable temperature, safety-shutoff, and easy-to-setup are what you should look […]

How do protein skimmers work and how to choose one?


Protein skimmers utilize different designs and methods to remove the dissolved organic wastes, all with claims of efficiency and ability. So, it is hard to determine which design is the right one for your system […]

10-gallon aquarium: tank kits, equipment, stocking, and setup ideas


A ten-gallon aquarium is an affordable choice for anyone who wants to keep a very small community tank, small species tank, or shrimp-only tank. Though a ten-gallon tank may be small, it is still vital […]

Best 500-800 watt titanium heaters for large fish tanks above 100-gallon


If you have an extra-large aquarium, it is hard to find a reliable and durable aquarium heater that could maintain a constant temperature inside the tank. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to use […]

Best small heaters under 25W for nano tanks 2.5-5 gallon, Betta fish


Aquarium heaters are a typical oversight among most aquarists. But, they are a major component of a thriving tank, just like the filter, lighting, and other accessories. A good aquarium heater should maintain a steady […]

Best 48-inch LED lights for 55+ gallon tanks (fish/planted/reef)


As your aquarium tank size increases, lighting demand also increases. You need powerful lights that will penetrate to the bottom of the tank and have enough power to foster the growth of your plants or […]

Best 72-inch LED lights for large tanks 100-210 gallon (reef/planted)


If you own a 100/125/150/180 gallon tank (which is 72-inch long) and are finding an LED light fixture for the tank, you are in the right place. In this review, we will look at some […]

Best 24-30 inch LED lights for 20-29 gallon tanks (fish/planted/reef)


If you have a 20-gallon (high/long) or a 29-gallon tank with a 24-30 inch length and you’re struggling to find a good LED light, you’re in the right place. This article reviews different options of […]