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Having an aquarium at home is not only about a hobby. There are a lot of pluses that an aquarium can bring to the owners. These include so many health benefits for you.

Benefits of having an aquarium at home

1. Enjoying a new hobby


Aquarium keeping is a hobby that adds a new dimension. In the sameness of our lives, it is good to have a diversion. Aquariums involve caring for live fish, plants, and organisms. It is about nurturing them and obtaining joy.

Seeing colorful fish swimming around, recognizing and responding to you is a big mental boost. Such is the lure of fish that a home aquarium becomes the hub around which the family likes to gather. It becomes a fun place in the house and a happy one too.

2. Relaxation and relief from stress


Aquariums are known to provide relief from stress. Watching fish swimming lazily around has a deeply calming effect. They can also lead to a more restful sleep at night. It is little wonder that these are found in corporate offices, dentist offices, and hospitals too.

Stress is considered an enemy of health. It is the leading cause of illnesses like blood pressure and blood sugar in people. With hectic lifestyles and little time for oneself, the concept of relaxation is vanishing, causing major long-term problems.

An aquarium in a corner of the house, office, or gym can help restore the peace and calm that is essential to carry on healthily.

3. Caring for nature


An aquatic ecosystem needs to be well maintained for creatures to thrive. This helps one to develop understanding and empathy for them as well as for nature in general. Caring for aquariums at home involves family members too. They help teach youngsters important lessons in care.

Fish are delicate creatures that need specific care and attention. From the food you give them to the water quality of the aquarium, every aspect matters. An aquarium is the closest we come to marine life while staying at home.

4. Learning about aquatic ecosystem


Aquatic ecosystems are complex in their own way. Also, they are different from our normal ecosystem. There is a delicate balance here that needs to be appreciated. Having an aquarium is like owning a tiny microcosm in water.

This system will not only be about fish. There will be algae, plants, and other life forms here. Each will interact with another and with the outside environment in a different way. What you add to the aquarium, how often you clean it, what kind of waste build-up occurs, are different for every aquarium. It is something to study, learn and implement.

5. Enhancing visual appeal

It is a visual delight to have an aquarium. You can choose what kinds of fish you want. The more colors you choose, the more vibrant your aquarium will appear.

Additionally, clean water in aquariums enhances the look. You may add any number of objects to beautify your aquarium. The sight of fish swimming around makes for great visuals. Lights can add further effects.

6. Learning tool for children

Aquariums help to introduce children to a new hobby. There is a lot to learn about keeping fish at home. Beginning early, they develop this love too. Additionally, they learn different ways of caring for the aquarium itself. They also learn to take more responsibility.

Aquariums also help as teaching tools at schools. Innovative teaching methods may use aquariums to teach children about biology, animal behavior, water chemistry, and more.

7. Better health parameters

We have already spoken about aquariums helping to be more relaxed and calm. Additionally, there are other health benefits too. An aquarium at home helps lower blood pressure. This is directly related to lowered stress. It also helps with better managing stress.

This is not just a random statement. Controlled studies were conducted in this way in 2015. It was found that even a water tank devoid of fish causes some amount of relaxation. This state of calm increases with the introduction of fish into the aquarium.

People report better sleep and better pain management. This is especially true with dental pain. Overall improvement in concentration is also reported. All in all, good health benefits are noted.

8. Calming effect on ADHD and Alzheimer’s patients

Extending the benefits of a calm environment, aquariums are found to help in ADHD and Alzheimer’s disease symptoms as well. We know that hyperactivity in children is becoming more and more common. Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s is also on the rise among the elderly.

The calming effect of an aquarium is felt to have a positive impact on both these cases. Aggressive behavior in Alzheimer’s patients shows marked improvement according to a study by Purdue University. Hyperactivity among children is also helped by having a fish tank at home. Medicines are all very good.

9. Improved productivity

With people increasingly working from home, stress levels can increase at times. This affects focus and attention. Needless to say, your productivity will take a hit.

Having an aquarium at home has been shown to improve the ability to focus at work. With improved concentration, your work can be done better. In the time that you spend at work, you will get more done. With better efficiency and more productivity, work itself will be more rewarding.

10. Socializing lessons


Fish living together in the aquarium quietly impart life lessons as well. It is mostly peaceful in aquariums where different species of fish stay with each other. It might not be harmonious at all times, but resolving differences is a lesson indeed. Sharing resources and coexisting with different species is something we humans can learn a lot about.

Fish in an aquarium do precisely that. All fish do not get along well, and there are instances of one group dominating another. Consequences of these can also be witnessed by owners and children right in front of their eyes.

There could not be better learning about coping, adjusting, and making the best of life.

Getting your first aquarium

If you are one of those who is very good with their hands, you may get around to building an aquarium for yourself. For others who will need to buy one, consider these factors:

  1. Capacity. Contrary to popular belief, small tanks can become more difficult to manage because toxins build up more quickly than larger ones. Getting a 20-gallon tank can make it easier for a beginner.
  2. Placement. Remember that a 20-gallon tank will weigh a lot when it is filled with water, substrate, stone, and other decorations. Decide beforehand an appropriate area in the house to place your water tank. Also, remember that it can get wet around. Avoid putting things that will get spoiled with water.
  3. Setting up. Setting up an aquarium at home needs certain equipment. Besides the aquarium itself, you will need fish, filters, gravel, food, cleaning tools, water testing kits, air pumps, food, nets, and more. Make an estimate before venturing into aquariums. We say this because all of this equipment is necessary. They add to the final cost. More details here.
  4. Fish. Lastly and most importantly, plan on putting in the right size and number of fish depending upon what kind of aquarium you have. Starting small and then going on for more is a better idea. For freshwater home aquariums, the following species are easy to keep for beginners: guppies, platies, mollies, corydoras, Zebra fish, dwarf gouramis,…

Sharing responsibilities of home aquarium maintenance

Now that there is an aquarium at home and you have your choice of fish, let this become a pleasurable journey. Maintaining an aquarium properly is not child’s play. You are responsible for the health and happiness of your fish. You should also go all out to provide the best conditions for them.

The task of maintenance involves many works including:

  1. Regularly change aquarium water.
  2. Keep a strict eye on water quality.
  3. Remove algae growth on tank walls.
  4. Clean substrate regularly.
  5. Prune aquatic plants regularly.

Regular cleaning is a must for the best aquarium results. If everything becomes the responsibility of a single person, it can be quite a chore. The relaxation benefits might as well vanish for that person.

A home aquarium is an ideal way for families to come together and help. Each person should chip in with some work related to aquarium maintenance so that the final result is flattering.

This regular task need not be daunting once you have the right equipment and practice. There are numbers of equipment available on the market that help in maintaining a clear aquarium. You may choose as per your budget and requirements.

Why don’t you bring home one yourself and enjoy the experience?

We enjoy keeping fish, and have for many years. We are trying to promote the hobby as much as possible. We want to see many others succeed in their fish keeping efforts and are committed to sharing our knowledge when we can.

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