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We’ve previously done a review of the top unique action decorations designed to add more life to your aquarium. This time, let’s check out some of the best air stones and bubbler decorations that don’t only promote health for your fish and plants but will also make your aquarium look more captivating.

Best aquarium air stones & decoration bubblers

SLOCME Aquarium Crocodile Air Bubbler Decorations

SLOCME Aquarium Crocodile Air Bubbler DecorationSLOCME Aquarium Crocodile Air Bubbler Decoration #ad

Size: 9.6″ L x 4.5″ W x 2.6″ H

The only time you’d want to see a croc inside your fish tank is if you had this crocodile air bubbler decoration from SLOCME. This 9.6-inch-long crocodile decor is made of non-toxic resin material and will make a fun addition to your fish tank. It’s an action aquarium decoration that opens and shuts its jaws as air passes through its body and bubbles push its upper snout to escape.

You will find the air tube connector on the right side of the decor. Here, you can attach your air pump via a 4mm air tube and watch the croc move into action. Weighing 0.34 lbs., this decoration is dense enough and won’t need any additional weight to keep it from floating. Great attention to detail has been given in crafting this aquarium decor so that you’ll think it’s alive the first time you see it!

Hygger Aquarium Air Stone Kit Round Air Disk

hygger Aquarium Air Stone Kit Round Air Diskhygger Aquarium Air Stone Kit Round Air Disk #ad

Size: 2″ diameter air diffuser

If you feel that your aquarium can do better with more dissolved oxygen, then you should get the Hygger Aquarium Air Stone Kit Round Air Disk. This disk-shaped air stone is designed specifically to increase oxygen saturation inside your aquarium. The disk surface serves as a diffuser, releasing bubbles twice that of a regular air stone.

The device is only 2 inches in diameter but weighs 150 grams, which means you won’t have to worry about it floating around inside the tank. It even comes with a suction cup so that you can attach it to the sides of the tank. Its discreet design will make it blend with the background and won’t disrupt your aquascape at all. As recommended by the manufacturer, a 2W air pump should do well for this model.

Aqueon Flexible LED Bubble Wand

Aqueon Flexible LED Bubble WandAqueon Flexible LED Bubble Wand #ad

Size: 21 inches

The Aqueon Flexible LED Bubble Wand is a quick solution that will improve your aquarium’s aesthetics and provide more dissolved oxygen in the water. This wand is completely flexible at about a foot long and will bend to your desired shape.

You can hide it behind hardscapes and plants, bury it in the substrate, or display it where everyone can see it — wherever you install it, it will create the best ambiance for your fish tank.

Once you attach an air pump to the wand, it will create a beautiful raft of bubbles rising to the surface. The best thing about this wand is that it gives you the freedom to turn the colorful lights only, the bubbler only or both. A truly flexible option for any aquarium!

UPETTOOLS Aquarium Air Stone Nano Bubble Stone Kit

UPETTOOLS Aquarium Air Stone Nano Bubble Stone Kit with Control ValveUPETTOOLS Aquarium Air Stone Nano Bubble Stone Kit with Control Valve #ad

Size: 1.38″ diameter

The tinier the bubbles, the more dissolved oxygen your aquarium gets. That’s no problem with the UPETTOOLS Aquarium Air Stone Nano Bubble Stone Kit. This disc air stone is only 60mm in diameter, but it’s suitable for tanks up to 15 gallons in capacity.

The air stone is attached to an L-shaped pipe and comes with two suction cups so that you can easily slide it inside the tank and stick it to the wall of your aquarium. With the package also comes a 2-way control valve, which protects your fish tank from back-siphoning.

This air stone kit produces a very dense foam of bubbles that results in a mesmerizing effect inside your fish tank.

Pawfly 4 Air Stone Bars

Pawfly 4 Air Stone BarsPawfly 4 Air Stone Bars #ad

Size: 4.5 x 0.8 x 0.5″

This set of air stone bars from Pawfly is a must-have if you’re looking to add air stones to multiple tanks. With this option, you get four air stone bars with one purchase. Each bar is about 4 inches long and weighs 1 ounce each. The rectangular cuboid shape means this product can cover a much larger surface area than your regular air stone.

Each stone is designed to be stable and can easily blend in with the rest of your tank. These air stones produce medium-sized air bubbles and should be powered by an air pump with a capacity greater than 2.5 watts. Lower than that, and the bubbles produced will be very limited. Overall, this is a cost-efficient option and one you shouldn’t miss if you’re looking for a decent air stone that won’t break the bank.

NICREW Round Aquarium Bubbler with light

Color changing bubblerColor changing bubbler #ad

Size: 4-inch diameter

Imagine a mountain of bubbles being spewed inside your aquarium as if a volcano is exploding. That’s exactly the effect created by this air stone with changing LED lights by Nicrew. The air stone itself is a disc 4 inches in diameter featuring a circle of 12 multicolored LED bulbs at the center that throws a striking light effect together with the bubbles.

The lights change automatically, and this combination of bubbles and light creates a fantastic underwater scene inside your fish tank. Keep in mind, though, that this fixture doesn’t come with a switch, so you will have to unplug it if you want to turn it off. The good thing is that it already comes with everything you need to install it, including suction cups to secure it in place and an air hose to connect to your air pump.

Hygger Aquarium Bubble Decoration Hideout Cave

hygger Aquarium Bubble Decoration Hideout Cave with 3 Color Lighthygger Aquarium Bubble Decoration Hideout Cave with 3 Color Light #ad

Size: 6.1 x 4.7 x 3.9″

Seldom will you find an aquarium fixture that serves multiple purposes in one, but this air stone-slash-submersible lighting-slash hideout cave decor from Hygger has it all. Straight from the package, you will get a 6-inch-long ornament made of resin designed to look like a small hut carved from a large tree trunk. On the “roof” of the hideout is an air stone disc about an inch in diameter with six multicolored LED bulbs integrated into it.

When turned on, a chimney of bubbles rises from the disc, creating a “smoke” effect coming out of the hut’s “chimney.” The changing lights from the LEDs add to the awesome effect. And did we mention that the hut also serves as a shelter for small fish?

Quickun Bubble Wall Tube Oxygen Diffuser Bar

Quickun Bubble Wall Tube Oxygen Diffuser BarQuickun Bubble Wall Tube Oxygen Diffuser Bar #ad

Size: 7″ (7-28″ available)

The Quickun Bubble Wall Tube Oxygen Diffuser Bar may not be the most aesthetically-pleasing option on this list. However, it’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for an air stone with a large enough surface area that you can easily hide behind plants and hardscapes. The green color of the diffuser bar makes it blend effortlessly inside a planted tank.

This diffuser bar is about 7 inches long and is ideal for tanks over 12 feet in length. At its length, it covers a lot of area. And when turned on, it will create a large wall of bubbles inside your tank, increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen and adding a relaxing vibe to your aquarium at the same time.

Blue Coral Starfish Resin Crafts Aquarium Bubbler

Blue Coral Starfish Resin Crafts Aquarium BubblerBlue Coral Starfish Resin Crafts Aquarium Bubbler #ad

Size: 5.1″ x 6.1″

If you’re planning to make a vibrant addition to your freshwater or saltwater aquarium, don’t hesitate to consider this Blue Coral Starfish bubbler from Sunyiny. Crafted with great detail, this blue coral ornament is 6.1 inches tall and 5.1 inches wide. A standard air stone is fitted from within its base, and when you turn the air pump on, the bubbles will rise from the tips of the corals. The ornament itself is weighty enough to stand sturdily at any corner of your fish tank.

Volcano Bubbler Aquarium Decoration with LED Light

NICREW Aquarium Volcano Bubbler Decoration with LED LightNICREW Aquarium Volcano Bubbler Decoration with LED Light #ad

Size: 5.6″ diameter x 3.6″ H

We’ve already mentioned ‘volcano’ once on this list, but this bubbler from Nicrew is the real deal. What you have here is a volcano ornament 3.6 inches tall, with the details carefully added to make it blend in with the natural theme of your aquarium. Inside it is a disc air stone 2.1 inches in diameter topped with six multi-color LED bulbs.

When turned on, the lights change colors automatically, creating a flashing effect, as if lighting and lava are coming out of the volcano’s crater. Easy to install and maintain, this is one aquarium bubbler you and your fish will surely love.

Capetsma Imitation Wreck Car Resin Ornament Bubbler

Capetsma Imitation Wreck Car Resin Ornament BubblerCapetsma Imitation Wreck Car Resin Ornament Bubbler #ad

Size: 7.0″ L x 4.0″ W x 3.1″ H

It’s not all the time that you see a car wreck used as an aquarium decor, but that’s what this ornament-slash-bubbler from Capetsma is all about. Here, you have a 7-inch-long imitation of a Volkswagen Beetle that reminds one of the anthropomorphic car Herbie, only that it’s a wreck submerged in water.

When attached to an air pump, the car produces an enjoyable stream of bubbles from its “exhaust pipes.” The weight of the car is perfect and will make it stay at the bottom of the tank. If you love cars and would love to see one inside your aquarium, this is definitely the ornament bubbler for you!

Penn-Plax Air Action Aerating Diver Ornament

Penn-Plax Air Action Aerating Diver OrnamentPenn-Plax Air Action Aerating Diver Ornament #ad

Size: ~4″ H

Penn-Plax creates some of the best action decorations for aquariums, and this aerating diver ornament is not an exception. This one is a 3.5-inch deep-sea diver with its right hand grabbing onto an air hose and its left hand cradling a small treasure chest. The air hose serves as the inlet for your air pump, and once turned on, the diver will produce bubbles from either side of its helmet.

The amount and speed of the bubbles produced will depend on the strength of your air pump; just adjust the air pump to your desired preference. Keep in mind that the color may vary depending on what’s available, whether orange or white, a detail you may want to consider when shopping for this product.

SLOCME Aquarium Groot Air Bubbler Decoration

SLOCME Aquarium Groot Air Bubbler DecorationSLOCME Aquarium Groot Air Bubbler Decoration #ad

Size: 2.7″ L x 2.7″ W x 4.7″ H

Arguably the cutest one on our list, this Groot Air Bubbler from SLOCME is a must-have whether you’re a Marvel fan or not. It’s a 4.7-inch replica of baby Groot sitting down while holding a nest with a lovely yellow fledgling inside. At its rear is where you’ll find an inlet for your air pump hose, and once connected, a fine stream of bubbles will rise from the top of Groot’s head.

Weighing 0.34 lbs., this bubbler decoration is sturdy enough not to float or move around once installed. The details on this one are impressive too, and those pretty round eyes will surely captivate anyone who sees them!

Carefree Aquarium Bubbler Dragon Mountain Decoration

Carefree Aquarium Bubbler Dragon Mountain DecorationCarefree Aquarium Bubbler Dragon Mountain Decoration #ad

Size: 5.1 x 5.1 x 8.3″

We’re done with cars, divers, and volcanos. Now let’s move on to dragons! Yes, you’ve read that right. This aquarium bubbler decoration from a company called Carefree Fish features an 8-inch-tall mountain with a castle resting on top. There also seems to be some red-hot lava flowing from the tip of the mountain where the castle stands.

And there’s more! Clinging to the right side of the mountain is a fierce dragon looking on. Whether it’s protecting the castle or is planning to attack it, we don’t know. What we know is that at the foot of the mountain is a cave where the bubbles come out once the ornament is attached to an air pump. A very decent item for its price, this bubbler decor is perfect for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

ANACE Air Stone Disk Bubbler Diffuser

VANACE Air Stone Disk Bubbler DiffuserVANACE Air Stone Disk Bubbler Diffuser #ad

Size: 4.2″ W x 1″ H

Last but not least, we have the ANACE Air Stone Disk Bubbler Diffuser. At about 6 inches in diameter, this is a powerful disc air stone that’s great for aquariums, hydroponic systems, and even fish ponds. The dense, porous surface of the air stone is designed for producing a stream of very fine bubbles that increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water.

The disc itself is protected by a high-quality shell casing that also holds the provision for the suction cup and the inlet for the air pump hose. With a flow rate of 12 L per minute, this diffuser can accommodate tanks up to 25 gallons in capacity with no problem. Overall, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for an air stone with a minimalist design that does its job well.

Frequently Asked Questions about air bubblers

1. How do you use fish tank bubbler decorations?

Aquarium air stone and bubbler decorations come in different shapes and sizes, but the principle used to make them work is similar. These fixtures don’t come with an air pump, so assuming you have an air pump suitable for your aquarium, all you need is to attach it to the bubbler via an inlet. You may also need a control valve to regulate the flow of the air and the amount of bubbles according to your preference.

2. How do you clean an aquarium air stone?

Always abide by the cleaning guide provided by the manufacturer. Most bubbler decors are designed for easy maintenance and will only require soft brushing to remove the buildup of dirt. You can clean your air stone or bubbler every time you change the water in your aquarium for convenience.

3. Why is my air stone not working?

It’s common for air stones not to work the first time they are attached to an air pump. More often than not, the air stone will start working after a few minutes of being soaked in water. If you have an air stone that stopped working after a while, perhaps it’s already clogged and needs cleaning.

4. Where do I put the air stone inside the tank?

You can place your air stone anywhere inside the tank as long as it’s at the very bottom. This will ensure that the bubbles flow from the bottom up, covering as much area as possible. If you’re concerned about aesthetics, you should place the air stone behind live plants or hardscape, which will give your aquarium a more natural look.

5. How do you make a DIY aquarium air stone?

There are several ways to make your own air stone. One method involves a lava rock. Lava rocks are very porous and can make excellent air stones. Take a piece of lava rock large enough for you to drill a hole for the tubing, and you’re done. You can also use PVC pipes. Get a PVC pipe of your desired size and drill tiny holes on the side. Insert an air lining inside, and you have a DIY air stone. The only drawback of PVC air stones is that you can only go as small with the holes as the size of your smallest drill bit.

We enjoy keeping fish, and have for many years. We are trying to promote the hobby as much as possible. We want to see many others succeed in their fish keeping efforts and are committed to sharing our knowledge when we can.

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