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All great aquariums need great lighting and one of the simplest and boldest options is a submersible aquarium LED light. These underwater lights will save you on your electricity bill and allow you to display your aquarium in new, interesting ways that reflect your style and personality. Read on to learn more about some of the submersible aquarium lights for your fish tank.

Best submersible aquarium LED lights

Model Our rating Size For tanks LEDs Modes
Smiful colorful submersible aquarium LED light editor's ratingSmiful colorful submersible light #ad 23″ (7.5″-23″ available) Fish only, low light plants 33 RGB LEDs 16 colors, 4 lighting effects
Hygger 24/7 Mode Submersible Aquarium LED Light editor's ratingHygger 24/7 Mode Submersible Aquarium LED Light #ad 19.6″ (11.8″ & 15.7″ available) fish-only, low-high light plants 33 white + 11 blue + 4 red + 24 RGB 24/7 light cycle, on/off timer, 7 colors
NICREW RGB Underwater Aquarium Light with Timer editor's ratingNICREW RGB Underwater Aquarium Light with Timer #ad 15″ (7-23″ available) fish, plants RGB on/off timer, dynamic effects and 13 color presets
Nicrew 15 editor's ratingNicrew submersible RGB light #ad 15″ (7″-15″ available) Fish only, low light plants 21 RGB LEDs 16 colors, 4 lighting effects
Mingdak 15 editor's ratingMingdak multi-color LED light #ad 15″ (7.5″-23″ available) Fish only, low light plants 21 16 colors adjustable and dimmable
Mingdak 7.5 editor's ratingMingdak blue & white with timer #ad 7.5″ (7.5″-18.5″ available) Fish only, low-light planted 18 (9 white, 9 blue) 3 modes, dimmable, built-in timer
Aqueon Flexible LED Bubble Wand editor's ratingAqueon Flexible LED Bubble Wand #ad 21 inches night light 21 pcs, multi colors multi colors, color-changing, bubbler (air pump sold separately)
Nicrew 2 editor's ratingNicrew multi-colored LED air stone disk #ad 2″ diameter (2″-4″ available) Colorful display tanks 6 with or without bubbles
Smiful submersible underwater white LED light, 7.5 editor's ratingSmiful submersible white LED light #ad 7.5″ (7.5″-15″ available) Fish only, low-light planted 9 white LEDs white only

Submersible aquarium light reviews

Smiful colorful submersible aquarium LED light, 23″

For aquariums that measure 24″ or wider, this submersible aquarium LED light from Smiful is a great choice. With 16 light colors to choose from, you can customize the look of your aquarium to suit your needs. The brightness is adjustable. To increase simply press the ‘light rise’ button or press the ‘light down’ button to dim.

Smiful colorful submersible LED lightSmiful colorful submersible LED light #ad

Moreover, the light also features four preset modes including flash (a 7-color changing cycle), strobe (intensity ramp up, down, and hoping), fade, and smooth.

This submersible aquarium light with 5050 LED chips is safe to use and will save you on electricity as a result of its low 2-watt power consumption. With its tough but clear acrylic cover, the light transfer into your tank is excellent.

Hygger 24/7 Mode Full-Spectrum Submersible Aquarium LED Light

If you’re into submersible aquarium lights, you might just love the Hygger 24/7 Mode Full-Spectrum Submersible Aquarium LED Light. It may be a low-cost option, but it’s truly a good-quality and flexible submersible aquarium light designed to boost plant growth and improve aquarium aesthetics.

24/7 automatic light cycle24/7 automatic light cycle #ad

It features a 24/7 natural light cycle that automatically controls the light to adjust its colors and brightness depending on the time of the day. Just press to choose a time nearest to the current time and the light will continue to work from that time.

6/10/12-hour on/off timer6/10/12-hour on/off timer #ad

If you don’t like sunrise/sunset effects, the light can also be set for simply turning off after 6, 10, or 12 hours of lighting. And it will automatically return to work in the following day, at the same time when you set the timer today. Just choose the lighting time you want with the “TIMER” button.

Multi colors for choiceMulti colors for choice #ad

It also has a DIY mode for manual control. You can choose among seven different colors (White, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, and Cyan) and an automatic cycle of all colors. You can change the brightness of the single colors to meet your aquarium’s requirements. However, you can’t adjust the intensities of the colors in the cycle color mode.

This model is well-constructed. It has a sealed anti-collision cover that keeps it 100% waterproof. And with its sleek design, it can easily be installed anywhere in the aquarium and blend well in the background. It is also an ideal replacement for failed LED light rails or fluorescent light tubes, which are usually integrated under aquarium hoods.

Nicrew RGB Underwater Aquarium Light with Timer

Here’s an underwater aquarium light from Nicrew. The unit comes with a wireless IR remote although you can also adjust all the settings of the light via its inline controller.

Inline controllerInline controller #ad

Wireless remote controlWireless remote control #ad

The built-in timer lets you set the lighting time to 4 hours, 8 hours, and 12 hours, depending on your aquarium needs. If not use the timer, you can turn the light on or off manually with the Power ON/OFF button or switch between day and night with gradual sunrise/sunset.

You can choose the color preset you wish to use and increase or decrease its brightness. With its dynamic lighting effects and 13 color presets, it lets you adjust the light so that they bring out the best colors of your aquarium. These features ensure satisfying daytime and nighttime viewing of your tank.

What makes this aquarium light an excellent option is the slim design that lets you hide it under the tank cover or behind the plants and not worry that it will mess up your tank’s aesthetics. If you’re looking for cost-efficient lighting to bring out the true beauty of your aquarium, the Nicrew RGB Underwater aquarium light is a great choice.

Nicrew 15″ submersible RGB aquarium light

At 15″, this submersible aquarium LED light from Nicrew is great for smaller aquariums with a length of 16″ or more. This size light can also be orientated vertically in tanks that measure more than 15″ from the substrate to the water surface. This submersible aquarium LED comes with a remote control so you can easily change the lighting modes, select from 16 different colors, or change the intensity of the lighting.

Remote controlRemote control #ad

This light features flash, strobe, fade, and smooth modes, which you can simply select using the buttons on the lower right-hand side of your remote. Additionally, you can select a color from the colors displayed on the remote and adjust its brightness as well.

Mingdak 15″ multi-color LED light aquarium kit

The Mingdak 15″ submersible aquarium light comes with a remote so you can change between 16 light colors. You can also set the brightness of the light using the buttons on the top left-hand side of the remote to find exactly the right light and color to suit your mood.

Multi-colors for choiceMulti-colors for choice #ad

With this light, the color scheme of your tank can be customized exactly as you want it, or you can simply use the white light for natural colors. This light is certified at IP68 waterproof and can be safely submerged and set up underwater in your tank to really bring your underwater world to life. Just remember not to submerge the power supply, IR sensor, or remote as they are not waterproof.

Mingdak 7.5″ blue & white submersible LED light with timer

This blue and white submersible LED aquarium light from Mingdak is ideal for smaller aquariums with a natural or marine color scheme. For larger aquariums, you could consider using more than one, on either end of the tank. This light comes with a built-in timer which is an incredibly handy feature, saving you money and making it simple to set up a natural day/night period for your fish and plants.

Multi-function controlMulti-function control #ad

The 4 button multi-function controls are straightforward and easy to use. You can choose between a 6, 10, or 12 hour light cycle. The multi-function controls of this unit have 3 colors to indicate which timer mode you are in. Setting the light to a 10-hour cycle, for example, will activate a red light on the controller, indicating that the lights will go off after 10 hours and come back on after a further 14 hours.

3 lighting modes3 lighting modes #ad

Brightness is easy to adjust and you can set the output through 10 steps from 10%-100% on either white, blue, or a combination of both light colors. Although you can use this 3.6-watt light for planted tanks, it will only be sufficient for low-light plant species. Be advised that the multifunction controller is not waterproof.

Aqueon Flexible LED Bubble Wand

It’s not always that you find an aquarium lighting option that serves two purposes. That’s what precisely the Aqueon Flexible LED Bubble Wand does. Aside from providing lighting to enhance your tank’s beauty, it also functions as an aerator. You can attach an air pump (sold separately) to the bubble wand, and it will create beautiful bubbles illuminated by multi-color LED lights that constantly change colors.

This is a flexible bubble wand, which means you can bend it in any way you want and integrate it into your aquarium’s decoration. It can easily bend around rocks and other hardscapes. You can also let it crawl on top of the substrate, through aquarium decor, or behind the plants. And in case you’re wondering, yes, you can also use the aeration or the lighting alone. Indeed, this is a great choice if you’re looking for a more creative way to light up your aquarium!

Nicrew 2″ multi-colored LED aquarium air stone disk

If you’re looking to liven up your tank with more color and bubbles, this is the submersible light for you. The Nicrew 2″ multi-colored LED aquarium air stone disk works by creating a stream of bubbles that beautifully capture the light produced by the 6 color-changing LEDs.

Nicrew multi-colored LED aquarium air stone diskNicrew multi-colored LED aquarium air stone disk #ad

To use the bubble function, you’ll need to connect an air pump (not included) and allow the disk to soak for at least one hour before using. Running an air pump is great for your fish because it actively increases the dissolved oxygen available to your fish. A length of 4.5mm air tube is supplied with the product. Over time, if algae collects on the disk, simply use a small brush to clean it off.

LED aquarium air stone diskLED aquarium air stone disk #ad

This light can be attached to the glass of your aquarium, using the 3 suction cups provided, or simply anchored on the bottom of your tank using some aquarium gravel.

Smiful submersible underwater white LED light, 7.5″

This 7.5″ submersible aquarium LED light is a great choice if you’re looking for an easy-to-use white light for your fish-only or low-light planted aquarium. This light uses 9 white 5050 LED light chips to provide bright, long-lasting light.

This is a basic, general-purpose light that has a simple on/off switch that should not be submerged. Installation of this unit could not be easier, simply use the two supplied suction cups to secure the light in the area of the tank of your choice.

Submersible vs external aquarium lights

Submersible LED lights tend to be well priced, appealing to the budget-conscious fish keeper. Their compact size also means there’s less hardware to distract the viewer when observing your aquarium. Submersible aquarium lights can be used externally, which is why some people choose these lights for reptile enclosures and other non-aquarium uses.

One of the biggest benefits of submersible LED aquarium lights is their ease of use. The suction cups used to secure these lights need no tools or handyman skills, simply press against the glass, inside or outside the tank and the light is secured. These lights can be orientated vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or any way in between and can be set up at the side of an aquarium, at the back, or even at the bottom, the choice is yours.

One of the greatest benefits of LED technology is its low power consumption, which will save you money in the long run. These lights don’t only look cool, they also stay cool, which means they won’t heat up your water or burn the fish and animals in your tank. Submersible LED aquarium lights with built-in timers are especially handy because they make it easier for you to set a natural photoperiod in your aquarium.

Many people prefer a more unnatural color scheme in their aquariums, with shades that suit their moods or the color scheme of their room or office space. For this purpose, submersible color-changing lights are the ideal choice and many models come with different modes and brightness settings to customize the lighting to suit your preference.

Unfortunately, the submersible aquarium LED lights listed here are not suitable for plants with medium and high light requirements and external options would be a better choice for heavily planted aquascapes. For more information on lighting for planted tanks, read this article.

Frequently asked questions

Can you grow plants with submersible aquarium lights?

Submersible aquarium lights that have white light LEDs can be used in planted tanks, but only for low light plants like Java ferns. Unfortunately, colored LEDs do not provide suitable light for growing plants are much better for fish-only tanks.

Are Submersible LED lights safe for my fish?

Submersible LED aquarium lights are safe for fish because they are designed for underwater use, which means they are properly insulated and sealed to prevent electrical discharges in the water. LED technology produces very little heat, which means your fish or other animals won’t be burned if they come into contact with the light. Additionally, these lights will not heat the water to a significant degree.

We enjoy keeping fish, and have for many years. We are trying to promote the hobby as much as possible. We want to see many others succeed in their fish keeping efforts and are committed to sharing our knowledge when we can.

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