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If fortunate to have ample space you may be looking to own a 30-50 gallon tank to display larger varieties of fish. Tanks of this size will require a specialist stand as the weight will be from 348Ibs to 600Ibs.

You may even be looking to breed fish in large quantities, and the best breeder tanks are no smaller than 30 gallons, going up to 50 gallons, requiring the same heavy-duty support. Below are the best stands available:

Best 36-inch (x 12-inch and x 18-inch) stands

Model Our rating Dimensions For tanks Material Color
Caitec Bird Toys TitanEze Double Aquarium Stand editor's ratingCaitec Bird Toys TitanEze Double Aquarium Stand #ad 38.5″L x 18.5″W x 33″H 40/50/65-gallon Steel black
Imagitarium Brooklyn 40 Gallon Metal Tank Stand editor's ratingImagitarium Brooklyn 40 Gallon Metal Tank Stand #ad 36.5″L x 18.5″W x 29.5″H 40/50/65-gallon Metal black
Aquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand with Storage editor's ratingAquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand with Storage #ad 37.37″ L x 13.12″W x 28.25″H 30-gallon MDF wood Black
Aquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand with Storage editor's ratingAquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand with Storage #ad 37.37″ L x 13.12″W x 28.25″H 30-gallon MDF wood Serene Cherry
Aquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand with Storage editor's ratingAquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand with Storage #ad 37.37″ L x 13.12″W x 28.25″H 30-gallon MDF wood Solar Oak
Aquatic Fundamentals 50 Gallon Aquarium Stand editor's ratingAquatic Fundamentals 50 Gallon Aquarium Stand #ad 37″L x 19″W x 28″H 40/50/65-gallon MDF wood Black
Aquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand with Storage editor's ratingAquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand with Storage #ad 37.37″ L x 19.37″W x 28.25″H 40/50/65-gallon MDF wood Solar Oak

Breeder aquarium stands reviewed

Aquatic fundamentals aquarium stand with storage

Built to support a 30-gallon tank it is made of dense fiberboard for a solid top design. This provisions all-around support, unlike lip-only stands that just support the corners, something much needed with a tank of this size.

The front panels hide any filters and accessories kept in the cavity, and the back is open so wires can be easily routed through. It comes in both black, cherry, and oak so can cater it to any living space.

Imagitarium Brooklyn metal tank stand

This stand will support a 40/50 breeder or a 65 gallon on a solid steel frame, with steel beams across the top to support the whole base of these heavier tanks. Adjustable feet allow for the stand to be leveled perfectly on uneven ground so you can be confident in its stability.

The perks of being metal are that it won’t warp over time from water damage having a rust-resistant finish. The open frame means it can be placed in front of any sockets without impeding access, alongside allowing accessories to be kept underneath out of the way.

Caitec bird toys titaneze double aquarium stand

Likewise built to support the same tank sizes as the imagitarium, but with a sleeker frame, the titaneze may be more to your taste. Seemingly more fragile yet the double-wall construction makes it sturdier than it looks allowing for strength and elegance. Having the same rust-resistant powder coat it is made to last, being durable against water damage.

This stand is two-tier allowing a second tank on the bottom frame, a great benefit for a budding aquarist looking to expand.

Aquatic fundamentals wood aquarium stand

If a fan of this stand’s twin but going for a larger 40/50 breeder or 65 gallon this is perfect for you. It has the same discrete paneling to hide all accessories inside, with an open back for easy wire routing. Inside the cavity, there is ample room to remove the hassle of cutting away panels, making it a very convenient design.

It comes in black, cherry, and oak, ample options to get the best fit for your home.

What is a breeder tank?

A breeder tank is for promoting the breeding of fish, encouraging them to spawn. It has specific dimensions resulting in a lower profile than a traditional aquarium. The dimensions allow for greater surface area giving better gas exchange than a deeper conventional tank. This is very beneficial as it allows for a high stocking of fish and greater breeding success. The lower profile also makes it easier for a breeder to access the fish.

There are additional benefits to having such dimensions if not looking to breed fish. These tanks are popular in aquascaping as they have a deeper width resulting in more floor space to fill with decorations.

If looking to own a turtle these tanks are perfect due to turtles liking to walk on the bottom but needing quick access to air which a taller tank doesn’t provide.

Frequently asked questions

What sizes for a 30/40/50 gallon breeder tank?

A 30 and 40-gallon breeder tank has the same length and width at 36 inches and 18 inches respectively, but the 40 gallon has a height of 16 inches rather than 12. A 50-gallon breeder tank has a length of 48 inches, a width of 24 inches, and a height of 10 inches.

What is the best size for a breeder tank?

The best size is all dependent on what you plan on stocking the tank with. A 30-gallon breeder tank will be good for spawning small species. A bigger tank such as a 40-gallon breeder will allow for even higher stocking of smaller species or support bigger varieties.

How many fish can I put in a 40-gallon breeder tank?

The general rule of thumb for stocking a tank has always been an inch of fish per gallon, so if stocking with fish that are all only an inch you could have up to 40. If larger this number will decrease.

It will also depend on the species and how they resonate with the shape of the tank as well as what area of the water column they like to reside. The aggression levels of the species will also determine how much room they need, as even if small they may require more personal space decreasing the amount you can have.

How many corydoras are in a 40-gallon breeder?

Ranging from 1 inch to about 2.5 inches in length and being bottom dwellers a 40 gallon, with its large footprint (floor space), could easily support 25 individuals.

How many guppies can I put in a 40-gallon tank?

The size of the guppy variety must be considered as this does vary but around 20-30 individuals will fit. If breeding them, a ratio of 2:1 females to males is best to avoid stressed fish.

How many cichlids are in a 40 breeder?

Around 8 African cichlids will suffice for a 40 gallon, especially as they are very likely to breed prolifically increasing the numbers fast. Again, the way to know how many will fit is knowing how large in inches they get and also considering the aggression of the desired type.

How many tetras are in a 40-gallon breeder?

There are many different types and consequently sizes of tetra, all loving being in large schools. Apply the inch to a gallon rule to determine how many of a certain variety you can support in your 40-gallon breeder.

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  1. Imagitarium Brooklyn metal tank stand for 40 gallons stand. I have question I am looking for metal or standard Steel. What is total weight on the Imagitarium metal tank. Since 40 gallons weight about 500 lbs which this doesn’t show the total weight of the items.

    • Hi Refael. It is around 32 lbs.