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LPS corals – 40 popular species (with images) for reef aquariums

LPS corals

LPS corals have large calcareous skeletons with large fleshy polyps. They range in a broad range of care levels from very easy to some of the most difficult. Following are the most popular and colorful […]

SPS corals – 35+ species (Acropora, Montipora, and others)

SPS corals are the most diverse and difficult to keep in a reef aquarium. They should only be kept in well-established aquariums by experienced hobbyists. This article comprises many species of SPS corals with quick […]

Types of saltwater aquarium algae and effective ways to control

Saltwater algae control is probably the biggest problem faced by fish keepers. Having been a fish keeper for quite a few years myself, I have this question asked to me very frequently which surprises me […]

Best coral LED lights (with PAR) for nano to large & deep reef aquariums

Proper lighting is one aspect of reef aquariums that hobbyists need to get right. Reef tanks require lighting that’s distinct from what freshwater tanks require. Selecting the right LED lights for your reef aquarium can […]