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Best glass & titanium heaters for freshwater & saltwater aquariums

Aquarium heaters are used to ensure the temperature is maintained at a steady and proper level for tropical fish. This equipment is extremely important for the fish since they are coldblooded and maintain their body […]

Best 20-inch LED lights for 10-gallon tanks (fish-only, planted, reef)

Most aquarists start with a 10-gallon tank. It’s easy to set up but not too small that the water parameters change drastically. Lighting will be a critical part of your setup. It supplies energy for […]

Best aquarium stands & accessories – guide for choice, setup & more

Whenever you have an aquarium over 5 gallons, don’t ignore the need for an aquarium stand. Selecting the right aquarium stand can be as important as the aquarium itself. An aquarium stand needs to be […]

Best clip-on LED lights and 12-inch fixtures for nano tanks ~ 5 gallons


Lighting is important for small tanks as it is for big tanks. Having the right lighting not only helps to grow healthy and vibrant plants but also make the colors of your tank pop. For […]