The Portland Aquarium

The Portland Aquarium welcomes families to enjoy an immersive interactive experience! Sea to believe as we connect children and families to the planet, ranging from our rainforests and deserts to the exotic species of ocean. Family activities in Austin include hand feeding sharks, stingrays, birds, and tropical animals. Fun children activities include holding slithering snakes, or even taking a selfie with one of our exotic large breed birds.

The Portland Aquarium opens eyes of discovery in a family friendly environment, creating fun things to do in Portland. We provide Portland’s children and families fun access to the excitement and learning of the planet without a long trip to the coast. Watch jellyfish gently float and glow, admire families of seahorses playing, or our Giant Pacific Octopus snack on crawfish – fed by guests! The Aquarium offers multiple educational programs and activities for kids in Portland. A favorite children’s activity is our Morning Rounds for aspiring aquarists, or those who just love animals.

Portland Aquarium will close their operation on February 16, 2016

As an alternate, please visit:

Seaside Aquarium

Oregon Coast Aquarium