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3 ways to aquarium nitrogen cycle – fishless/with fish/quickest


The most important step in setting up an aquarium is knowing about the aquarium cycle to make sure that the nitrogen cycle is in full swing before you add your fish. You need to cycle […]

Aquarium fish food: types, choosing and feeding guide


The most important daily task would probably be feeding your fish. Not only will you find this enjoyable, but it will also give you an insight into your fish’s normal behavior patterns. In time to […]

Supply checklist to start an aquarium and choosing guides


Anyone who has ever had an aquarium knows that there are plenty of aquarium supplies you can pick up. Using the right supplies based on the type of your aquarium will make the tank the […]

Beginners’ guide to freshwater aquarium setup


A freshwater aquarium can provide years of enjoyment for you and your fish if established and maintained correctly. Different fish or flora may require special equipment, or unique filtration, so setting up the tank correctly […]

8 methods to aquarium algae removal & control


Algae problems are the constant companion of most aquarium fish keepers. Where there are fish in the water there will be algae; in fact, it is probably safer to say that where there is water […]