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Anubias, a collect of popular types for aquariums and care guide

Anubias are aquatic plants. They can grow submerged or emersed. They grow in streams, rivers and marshes in the tropical areas of Africa. These plants are a sight to behold. With their lush green color […]

30+ most popular plants for the midground of planted tanks

The midground of your aquascape is the vital link between the foreground and the background. Not only does this add body to your aquascape, but it is also valuable in screening the less attractive lower […]

15+ attracting Cryptocoryne species with images for planted aquariums

The outstanding tolerance of shades and ease of care make Cryptocoryne a great choice for the midground along with other plants, stones, and driftwood. There are so many Cryptocoryne species in the hobby these days, […]

7 common Rotala species that you can choose for the background

Rotala species are usually used in the backgrounds of planted tanks. They are fairly easy to plant and care for, making them very popular in the hobby. This article includes some common and attractive Rotala […]

20+ most popular stem plants for the background of planted tanks

Background plants are the tallest and they make a huge difference in the appearance of the planted tank. There are many stem plants for the background with different colors and leaf shapes and it may […]

Top 30 dwarf and carpet plants for the foreground of planted tanks

The foreground is the most important part of the planted aquarium that makes choosing plants for this position a bit complicated. Not all plants are suitable for the foreground. In this article, you’ll see some […]