Press Release

Portland Aquarium will close their operation on February 16, 2016

As an alternate, please visit:

Seaside Aquarium

Oregon Coast Aquarium

Portland Aquarium will close their operation on February 16, 2016 and search for a new location. Animals to be carefully rehomed in aquariums across the country. The building housing Portland Aquarium has been sold and is being demolished in early 2016. The Aquarium will be closing their current location after close of business on President’s Day, Monday, February 15. A date or area for a new location has not yet been determined, though owners are considering local malls as a viable target. All animals will be relocated to other aquariums across the country. Visitors are encouraged to take these last few weeks to touch, feed, and sea to believe thousands of animals from around the planet before the animals are re-homed. All exhibits will remain intact until then. Interactivity is the cornerstone of the aquarium experience, with tropical animals ranging from sharks and stingrays to Lorikeets, Macaws, iguanas, chameleons, snakes and forest dragons. Founder Vince Covino said, “We loved transforming a steakhouse into an interactive aquarium, but we knew we would eventually outgrow this facility. We also knew going into it the risk that this building might sell due to the high value of large lot on a busy thoroughfare. Our next Portland location will at least twice this size, and in a more fitting destination area. We’re excited about the future in Portland, though we will be more patient in finding the right location next time.”