Oregon Mermaids

Interact with the Oregon Mermaids at the Portland Aquarium

Sure, a lot of the creatures at the Portland Aquarium are exotic, but did you know we also offer mythical species?

On select days, listen to our magical creatures read stories. Don’t forget to take photos, or your friends will never believe it! These legendary creatures will grace your time with them.

Mermaid Alexandra: Loves to explore and play hide and seek with her favorite friend the Giant Pacific Octopus! When her friends aren’t feeling well she uses her knowledge of healing to help them feel better so they can get back to exploring and playing!

Mermaid Ayala: She loves to spend her day playing tag with the seals and her favorite animal is the Narwhal.Check the schedule for times.

Mermaid Collette: The Pod Leader of the Oregon Mermaids, her magical trident lights up the sea! It guides her through the water allowing her to travel the speed of light. Many stories come to life from her travels and she would love to share one with you! Sea friends that accompany her on these adventures are the turtle of wisdom, the moon jellyfish who scouts out dangerous waters and her adviser, Pirate Donald. Collette loves the Portland Aquarium and often teaches on conservation when she is there.

Mermaid Gabi: The Oregon Mermaids find rare collectables, valuable gems and pirate treasure while out to sea. They bring these items back to the mercave and put them in the treasure chest for safe keeping! Mermaid Gabi is the keeper of their treasure chest. Gabi’s favorite animal is the seahorse.

Mermaid Karmelle: Collects unique sea shells, she takes messages when the Oregon Mermaids are out at sea and only a very special sea shell can be used to make a calls. Her favorite sea creature is the lionfish!

Mermaid Sally: Sally’s favorite animal is the dolphin. She loves to create stylish outfits and brings the pages of the stories to life as she tells them.