Choose a Gift Card

We have made a small selection of cards that you can print out to enclose with the voucher for a gift membership.

They are optimized for 8½” x 11″ paper and will print on 1/4 of that page. Simply print out, and fold the page in quarters with the colored gift card on the outside. It will then open like a card.

All cards are in a .jpg format. They are high resolution images, so they may take a while to download.

Should you have any issues with any of these not printing on 1/4 page, go back to the link that brought you here and right click on the link. Save the “link as”, and save it on your desktop. You can then click on the icon on your desktop and print. This should force it to print on 1/4 page.

Or, stop by in person and request your favorite design. No matter your choice, this gift is sure to be loved for 365 days to come!