Portland Aquarium field trips provide augmented, age-specific teachings for pre- and post-visit study for Portland area PreK – College Grade students and Seniors.

Looking for a great and educational field trips? The Portland Aquarium hopes to inspire a new generation of ocean explorers and conservationists from the Portland area through education and shared experience with live animals in order to create an ever expanding appreciation for our planet’s oceans. The experience will instill respect and awe for marine life and the rich aquatic resources of our planet’s wetter 78%. Students will expand their understanding of our ecosystems as they engage all five senses for maximized learning.

Come learn from over 30 exhibits and more than 2500 animal species! Interact with sharks, stingrays, sea jellies, octopuses, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fascinating tropical and cold water fish, and so much more!

The Portland Aquarium offers a wide variety of educational programs for field trips led by the aquarium’s staff of educators, biologists and aquarists. Field trips will include many hands-on activities as well as age-specific programming. Experience invertebrates (sea stars, urchins, anemones, and more) native to the Oregon Coastline and areas of the South and Central Pacific.